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TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors


Hunter Industries

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New TTS-800 Series golf rotors from Hunter Industries are the most reliable, efficient, and easy-to-service rotors in the industry. The robust inlet valve includes an exclusive Filter Sentry® scrubbing system. Thanks to a powerful wiper, Filter Sentry scours the filter clean during every opening and closing cycle. An extra-large, fast-access flange compartment comfortably accommodates wire connections and other components. To mitigate the challenges of poor water quality, the high-torque gear drives are the strongest on the market. TTS-800 rotors integrate advanced technology with unrivaled power and performance to simplify irrigation management and cultivate impeccable playing surfaces in every application.


TurfPro Analytics, Mapping and Hole Location System

POGO TurfPro

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The creators of POGO, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems (Est. 1911), have created an advanced Agronomy Analytics, Mapping and Hole Location Management system to advance the turf industry and Golf Course Superintendent's confidence in making the right decisions for every day course management.

Combining precision monitoring with advanced GPS mapping technology and powerful cloud analytics, POGO empowers users to understand how every aspect of their maintenance operation and environment impacts the conditions of their turf. More importantly, the decisions that are necessary to keep their course in optimum condition through ever-changing dynamics are simplified so that any member of any staff, no matter what education level or aptitude, will make the correct decision in water, fertilization, cultural practice and course setup operations.

Designed by Superintendents for Superintendents to Make the Right Decisions, Every Day! POGO

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