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BRANDT Organiplex is a new liquid nutrient line that contains high quality amino acids. Amino acids are natural organic complexing agents that allow nutrients to be quickly and easily absorbed, translocated and metabolized by plants. They are essential to plant growth and development, and play a key role in plant physiological processes and response to stress. These formulations may be soil or foliar applied.


Crew specialty herbicide

Corteva Agriscience

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Corteva-crew specialty 

Crew™ specialty herbicide provides easy-to-use preemergence control of more than 120 grassy and broadleaf weeds, including crabgrass, dandelion, chickweed and spurge, in both turf and landscape beds. It provides long lasting, consistent results for up to five months. Crew is safe over the top of more than 410 ornamentals and is safe on all turf types with the exception of colonial bent and some fine fescue varieties. Crew controls both winter and summer annual weeds making it an ideal product for spring and fall applications. Crew is a non-staining, low-odor, ultra-low dust granular formulation which reduces client complaints while also reducing training time for applicators.


GameOn specialty herbicide

Corteva Agriscience

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GameOn™ specialty herbicide is a new post-emergence herbicide with new active ingredient (Arylex™ active) and a unique formulation of 2,4-D. GameOn provides fast-acting, systemic control of more than 110 broadleaf weeds. It controls all major broadleaf weeds plus outstanding control of ground ivy, henbit, plantain, oxalis, clover, dandelion, doveweed and chickweed with visible results within 24-72 hours. GameOn is safe for use on cool-season turfgrasses as well as bermudagrass, zoysiagrass and around trees. GameOn works effectively in both low- and high-volume spray equipment. It is rainfast in 2 hours, can be sprayed in winds up to 15 mph and there are no temperature restrictions when applied to actively growing weeds.


NativeKlean herbicide

Corteva Agriscience

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NativeKlean™ herbicide is specially designed for native and naturalized areas, providing a low maintenance solution for consistent control of more than 100 broadleaf weeds such as thistle, poison ivy, ragweed and other high anxiety, invasive and noxious weeds. NativeKlean also controls various undesirable tree seedlings. NativeKlean provides residual control of greater than three months on most herbaceous weed species and a wide application window (can be applied in fall or spring). There is no need for artificial watering and is rainfast in just two hours. NativeKlean offers enhanced residual control when tank-mixed with Dimension or Gallery specialty herbicides and can be applied up to the water’s edge in native areas.





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A new active ingredient from the DMI chemical family (FRAC 3) for foliar and root disease control with improved summer turfgrass quality and plant mobility. Target diseases: Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Spring Dead Spot and Gray Leaf Spot.


NACHURS Turf & Ornamental ETM Technologies

NACHURS Turf & Ornamental

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K-Force: NACHURS K-Force is a truly unique form of potassium due to its organic based carrier (anion), the acetate molecule. Acetate is a natural plant metabolite that serves many important functions within the plant as well as in the symbiotic relationship between plant roots and soil microbes/mycorrhizal fungi. NACHURS K-Force potassium acetate based formulation reduces the need for glucose in the KREBS cycle. Less carbohydrate production is required to feedstock energy requirements. This is particularly important during periods of stress when photosynthesis is reduced and respiration is increased.

Stress Force: NACHURS Stress Force is recommended for its use as a supplement to reduce the vulnerability of turf to challenges by abiotic (environmental) and biotic (pathogens) factors by stimulating the turf plant's natural defense mechanisms. Phosphite, a key constituent of NACHURS Stress Force, has emerged as a novel plant defense response elicitor that has been shown to be effective in reducing turfgrass vulnerability to abiotic and biotic stress factors.

Strategic Force: NACHURS Strategic Force is a turfgrass supplement for use on turfgrass plants when stress conditions are anticipated or exist. During stress conditions, photosynthesis machinery is damaged and biosynthesis of amino acids is often reduced, decreasing production of important downstream substances produced during metabolism. This often results in diminished plant development and function. Professional turf managers will find that turfgrass plants receiving applications of amino acid rich NACHURS Strategic Force will benefit from improvement in photosynthesis as well as enhanced primary and secondary plant metabolic output, resulting in turfgrass with improved development, function and far more tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses.

Elite Force: NACHURS Elite Force has been developed for those conditions where it is desirable to optimize turfgrass photosynthate production to support turfgrass development and function following stress periods such as dormancy or during recovery from abiotic or biotic factors. This normally occurs in the spring or during the fall recovery period when carbohydrate reserves are low and energy demand to support biosynthesis of primary metabolites is high. Professional turf managers will find that applications of amino acid rich NACHURS Elite Force will benefit from enhanced primary and secondary plant metabolic systems, resulting in turfgrass plants with improved development in the spring following dormancy and recovery from summer stress in the fall.


precision lab

Pen-A-Trate ECO

Precision Laboratories

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Pen-A-Trate™ ECO is an OMRI-certified, nonionic surfactant and so much more. The unique formulation maximizes performance with drift reduction technology that ensures spray applications stay on target, maximizing droplet spread and retention. The environmentally-friendly formulation allows use in and around aquatic areas. The high-surfactant load also provides improved performance for spray mixes used on turf and ornamentals.


Renew Protect : : BLAK

Renew Protect Manufacturing LLC


Renew Protect - BLAK 

Renew Protect products are a completely new approach to surface restoration and preservation. Renew Protect products are designed for maximum protection and longevity, thereby reducing your need for product purchasing and repeat applications.

Renew Protect’s BLAK is designed to restore and protect the color and integrity of rubber, plastic, vinyl, tires, trim, bumpers, interiors, door panels, golf carts, seals, hoses, bed liners, dull paint, gel coats, finished leather, outdoor furniture, spa covers, awnings, signs, and more.

Renew Protect is unlike any other so-called “protectant.” Almost all protectants currently on the market contain petrochemical solvents that slowly degrade surfaces and cause fading and dry rot. Renew Protect is silicone- and oil-free and contains no harsh or slippery chemicals. Renew Protect creates a GOLF CART-SAFE solvent-free dry-seal.

Renew Protect prevents tire dry rot and greatly extends the life of items that receive an annual Renew Protect treatment.

Renew Protect is designed for true restoration beyond original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. SATN, BLAK, GLOZ, and DASH create a plasticizer-rich, elastomeric polymer, dry-seal finish. Renew Protect products are also infused with zinc and titanium oxides to block UV and ozone. The dry-seal repels dirt and water and creates a shiny new look lasting 1 to 2 years. Treated surfaces require only regular cleaning with mild detergent and/or water. This technology also serves to retard “blooming” and “off-gassing” processes and greatly enhance the retention of OEM protective elements in surfaces. Renew Protect BLAK also contains carbon black and is ideal for the restoration of faded black surfaces and their UV-absorbing, protective properties.


Renew Protect : : CART

Renew Protect Manufacturing LLC


Renew Protect - CART 

We are serious about golf carts, and CART is a favorite for that exact purpose.

If your golf cart needs some intensive correction or just a serious polishing, CART will fix it in a one-step process. With the use of CART, you will see enhanced depth of color and shine. CART is fortified with nanoceramics and copolymer sealers. Application is recommended once a year. CART will also correct fine scratches, hazed acrylic windshields, and clear vinyl enclosures. Usage: 4 ounces per cart. For vinyl corrections, lay the vinyl on a firm but nonabrasive surface for buffing. Apply by hand or DA polisher. Use microfiber, cutting foam, and/or polishing foam pads or microfiber towels. RP.11 is recommended for regular cleanings and extended protection.


Renew Protect : : RP.11

Renew Protect Manufacturing LLC


Renew Protect - RP11 

For maintenance and protection of new or detailed golf carts and new fleets, this is all you need. Unlike other spray products, RP.11 is designed for longevity. RP.11 is infused with SiO2 ceramic, polymer sealers, top-grade carnauba wax, and polishing agents. It will hold! RP.11 will clean, shine, and enhance color quickly.

This product is an easy way to maintain a new fleet, new carts, and freshly-detailed golf carts. Usage: 6 ounces per cart with biannual application.

Clean cart with RP.11 two times a year or more, and buffing will not be needed. Use on cart bodies, acrylic windshields, and clear vinyl enclosures. RP.11 can even be used on the plastics, but only after they have been treated with BLAK, SATN, or GLOZ. Because RP.11 creates a slick hydrophobic surface, do not use it on flooring, steering, pedals, or seats.



Sipcam Agro

BOOTH 1800


Coastal™ Herbicide
Protecting southern turf from coast to coast

Broad-spectrum, pre- and post-emergent broadleaf and grass weed control

Safe on all four major warm-season turf varieties:

  • Bermudagrass
  • Centipede grass
  • St. Augustine grass
  • Zoysia grass

3 AIs/modes of action broaden weed spectrum and reduce mixing time

Excellent resistance management tool



Sustane Natural Fertilizer Inc

BOOTH 1920


New BOLSTER MycoBio is specially formulated with a blend of endomycorrhizae species and select beneficial bacilli bacteria that improve seed germination, promote vigorous plant establishment and encourage nutrient use efficiency. This biologically enhanced granular soil amendment improves root growth, resulting in plants that are better able to withstand environmental stress.

  • Delivers a minimum of 120 spores/g of Mycorrhizae and 100,000 CFU/g of Bacterial Inoculant
  • Creates a symbiotic relationship with plant roots to optimize water and nutrient use
  • Improves disease suppression
  • Mycorrizae species include Rhizophagus irregularis, Rhizophagus clarus, Septoglomus deserticola and Claroideoglomus etunicatum
  • Bacterial species include Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus licheniformis, and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Available in Fine Grade (100 SGN)


Genesis RX Zeolite+ 3-4-3

The Andersons

BOOTH 4529


The process of mechanical aerification is a necessary management tool to improve airflow, nutrient and water movement through the soil profile. Following this destructive process, it is vital to jumpstart turfgrass recovery to a quality level necessary to resume play. Genesis Rx Zeolite+ is a 50/50 physical blend of Genesis Rx 5-7-5 and zeolite dispersable granules with beneficial microorganims. Zeolite which is a natural mined material has a high CEC, high porosity, and excellent water retention capabilities. Genesis Rx Zeolite+ delivers balanced NPK, secondary and minor element fertility, soil enriching humic acid, zeolite dispersible granules, and beneficial microorganisms all in one easy to apply product.

One of the shortfalls with traditional, single-impeller spreader units is that the product distribution can be skewed, with application heavier on one side of center. Featuring an advanced design dual impeller system, this spreader provides a symmetrical spread pattern, eliminating the potential for uneven application. The dual impeller design provides superior flexibility in spreading a variety of granule types and sizes. A single adjustment of the rate plate is all that is required to deliver a uniform application each and every time.


Carbon Pure

Universal Biocarbon

BOOTH 1302

universal biocarbon 

Carbon Pure a 100 % vegetative carbon that contains many of the micronutrients needed by varieties of turf grass. The micron sized particles uniquely blend with sand used for top dressing and green zone mixes. High CEC and carbon contents supports microbial development. Carbon Pure is 100% decomposed and will in no way compete with plants for nutrients. PH is between 6.5 and 7.5.

vivid life sciences

Vigeo PGR

Vivid Life Science

BOOTH 3222

Vigeo from Vivid Life Sciences improves emergence uniformity, development and growth. By containing three growth-stimulating hormones in a single product, Vigeo fights stress and drives lush growth in golf, turf, ornamental and sod.


YaraVita OptimumTurf Foliar Products

Yara North America

BOOTH 4604

Yara - USE 

YaraVita OptimumTurf foliar nutrition delivers a specific nutrient or nutrient mix exactly when and where the turfgrass needs it; boosting performance, durability, and aesthetics. Each YaraVita foliar product is formulated from consistently high-quality nutrient compounds with co-formulates, such as wetters, stickers and absorption aids, to control and enhance performance. All products are screened extensively and our strict quality control procedures ensure that all finished products leaving the factory are within specification. We work closely with suppliers to source, maintain and control the quality of raw materials.

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