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BOOTH # 5929

The 2019 Golf Industry Show will feature a replica maintenance shop, designed to help superintendents make attainable improvements to their own shop, regardless of budgetary or space constraints. The 2019 shop will feature educational opportunities, networking, contests, and hands-on demonstrations that will equip your golf course maintenance team with tips, tricks, and new ideas on how to enhance existing shop practices, regardless of budgetary or space constraints. 

The 2,400-square foot maintenance shop and storage yard will showcase creative, innovative, and affordable solutions for superintendents and their teams to apply to their every-day roles and responsibilities.

Check out The Tactical Shop Series, presented by Hector Vasquez—your one-stop shop for everything Inside the Shop! The content delivered within this area will focus on creating a more efficient, safe, and cost-effective work environment for equipment shops of all shapes and sizes. We hope that you will join us Inside the Shop at the Golf Industry Show.

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Wednesday, February 6

Thursday, February 7