Randy E Booker

Randy Booker is currently the Director of Operations at Otter Creek Golf Club in Otterville Ontario, Canada. He is a Past president of the Ontario Golf Superintendents Association, a 25 year member of both the GCSAA and OGSA. He has been a Golf Course Superintendent for just over 27 years that followed the conventional practices of maintaining turf (coring, topdressing, verticutting, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) until 8 years ago when for both budgetary and conditioning reasons he asked the question “WHY”. Why was he doing all these practices and seeing no improvement and even a decline in turf health and quality. He began to question the conventional practices and the need for all the inputs. Since that time, he has worked with Nature rather than against it by using natural and biological products…no more sand topdressing, no cultivation, a drastic reduction in Pesticides and Synthetic Fertilizers. His program now includes biological inoculations, humic acids, kelp, compost teas and extracts along with compost fertilizers to degrade thatch, build aggregation, increase CEC while maintaining and increasing infiltration. Randy feels we need to start making the soil biology work with the plant to provide the necessary nutrition to have both healthy soils and turf that withstand the stress’s and diseases. We have just begun to understand the plant/soil interactions that Mother Nature already has in place. Randy feels we have to stop the chemical experiment and work with nature rather than against it.


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