David R Wilber

Dave Wilber is an agronomy advisor and consultant with 28 years as owner of Wilber Turf and Soil Services with offices in Northern California, Colorado and Asia. Dave was a Golf Course Superintendent in Colorado and Northern California prior to becoming and independent consultant. Dave has worked with turfgrass in over 70 countries as advocate and advisor to Golf Course Superintendents and Golf Course Architects. Dave has served a total of 16 years as a Board Member for several GCSAA chapters as both a superintendent and affiliate director. Mr Wilber is also a writer and content producer where his blog and podcast, The Turfgrass Zealot Project received more than 5 million reads and listens. Dave is currently working on both Fiction and Non-fiction book projects and has a passion for Animal Rescue and Mental Health Advocation.


Taking Steps towards Emotional Wellness – A Beginning