Matthew T Elmore

Matt Elmore, Ph.D., is an assistant extension specialist in weed science - turfgrass, landscapes, pastures and forages at Rutgers University. He earned his bachelors at Penn State, masters and Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee. Prior to joining Rutgers, Elmore had an extension appointment at Texas A & M University where his research efforts explored new strategies to control problematic weeds and reduce irrigation inputs in turfgrass. His program at Rutgers focuses on novel strategies to control weeds with fewer pesticide inputs. The program will also focus significant efforts to developing alternatives to synthetic pesticides and understanding the influence of management practices on weed competitiveness. Elmore has been a GCSAA member for 11 years and has taught both seminars and webinars for the association.


Demystifying Warm and Cool-Season Turfgrass Weed Science