What You Need to Know: Developing a Comprehensive Water Management Plan

Thursday, February 4
12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Water management is a key component of operating a sustainable golf facility, yet many superintendents do not have a written water management plan. This session will cover the importance and the benefits of developing a written water management plan and provide tools to help superintendents create a site-specific plan. This presentation will also include a review of real case studies and demonstrations of online tools for water budgeting and drought emergency planning. Attendees will develop a better understanding of how to:

• Create and develop a written water management plan

• Utilize site specific golf course data and insert it into a Water Budgeting Tool and Drought Emergency Planning Tool to create customized documents for your facility

• Share writing tips and plans with owners, course officials, regulators, government officials, members of the community and other stakeholders


Brian S Whitlark

Paul M Jacobs, III