What to Expect When Your Course is Under Construction

Tuesday, February 2
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Here is the map and key for expectations and factors for the Superintendent to consider when working through construction on their golf course. Superintendents will have the opportunity to reflect and learn from a real life example using renovation efforts during this session, and learn how to prepare and focus work efforts where it counts during a renovation project, while also being able to anticipate and proactively address major issues that can arise during construction before they occur. Topics that will also be covered include discussion of how to take on the role as the golf course’s key representative to the golf course contractor, since the Superintendent is often the most involved employee of the golf course in the construction process and making sure a contractor successfully executes a project. Overall attendees of this session will develop a better understanding of the complex nature of construction renovations on a course as well as how to:

• Communicate across multiple channels to ensure the course receives the best value and quality of products and materials

• Adopt time and energy saving tips for maintaining a construction (and contractor) renovation project and golf course


Chris Lineberger