Wetting Agents and Their Effects on Putting Green Surfaces

Tuesday, February 2
3:40 pm – 4:10 pm

Localized dry spots on sand-based putting greens are common throughout the world. Wetting agents are an effective treatment for localized dry spots, but superintendents often question whether their use will result in greens that are either too wet or dry. Identify the cause of localized dry spots; learn how wetting agents work to overcome water repellent root zones, and how soil moisture content is affected following wetting agent application. Attendees will discuss recent research data outcomes and learn:

• How various wetting agent products suppress localized dry spot and affect rootzone moisture distribution

• How various wetting agent products affect putting green surface characteristics (i.e. firmness, ball roll, and ball mark characteristics)

• How wetting agents are classified and availability of research data to support wetting agent classes (i.e. “penetrant” and “retainer”)

• How application timing, spray volume, and post-application irrigation affects wetting agent efficacy and putting green surfaces


Douglas Karcher, Ph.D.