Water Movement in Soils and Soil Surfactants - Science not Spin

Thursday, February 4
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm

In today’s U.S. golf and sports turf markets there are approximately 200 soil surfactant products available. Turf managers are bombarded by product claims on water movement in soil and its effect on a diversity of management practices. Products claim to push, pull, drain, place, or hold water, or to solubilize or strip hydrophobic coatings off soil particles. Is this paradigm factual, and how do these products function in soils? This content will provide an depth review of product formulations, clarify what surfactants can and cannot do, compare claims for products in the North American turf market, and to provide turf managers the ability to make informed decisions in surfactant selection and complementary management approaches. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of:

• Differences between surfactant class impacts on plants, microbes, and soils

• Clarifying what surfactants can and cannot do in managing soil water and water repellency.

• Managing irrigation water resources more efficiently and understanding the why, how, and when to use and apply soil surfactants.

• Selecting the best soil surfactant products for your location resulting in better management of irrigation water and rootzone conditions.


Michael A Fidanza, Ph.D.

Stanley Kostka, Ph.D.