Topdressing 101: Organic Matter Management for Cool-Season Putting Greens

Tuesday, February 2
2:10 pm – 3:10 pm

One of the more common practices used to provide optimal playing conditions on golf course putting greens is sand topdressing. Beyond playability, the agronomic benefits of topdressing are plentiful. The layer of organic debris, stems, crowns, and roots in the upper rootzone,(i.e. thatch/mat) is often problematic to plant health. Organic matter dilution is a targeted outcome of superintendents when applying sand to the putting surface. This session will focus on topdressing strategies proven effective in managing organic matter accumulation on cool season putting greens, attendees will:

• Develop a better understanding of topdressing advantages and pitfalls targeted to effective organic matter management in cool season putting greens

• Effectively use topdressing and associated cultivation to manage organic matter

• Understand how to minimize surface and play disruption

• Evaluate and apply research-based topdressing strategies for organic matter management at your facility


Roch E Gaussoin, Ph.D.