Launching a First Green Field Trip Program at Your Own Golf Course

Tuesday, February 2
1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

First Green is an innovative environmental and STEM education outreach program that seeks to attract young minds to environmental stewardship and connect potential future players to golf courses. Share your expertise in environmental stewardship, technical knowledge on managing water quality, animal habitats, soils, plants and grasses with students in your community.

• Learn how to use the lesson plans and other resources provided by First Green, create learning labs and host students

• Reach out and involve the club’s general manager and leadership team to create a successful field trip that will not negatively impact play

• Use the club newsletter, blog or other media to educate members about this new program and work with First Green to coordinate with local media

• Use First Green to meet the community outreach requirement for certification by Audubon International

• Involve other local community environmental education groups in field trips and promote communication with these environmental education advocates

• Demonstrate the environmental stewardship efforts on your golf course


David Phipps

Leann Cooper