Using the Golf Industry Show logo

The Golf Industry Show logo is more than a name and graphic symbol. This mark represents the overall identity of the Golf Industry Show, the partnership of key golf industry associations, the strength of those partnerships and continued growth of the game. Proper and consistent usage of this mark is a critical part of ensuring this annual event continues to grow and serve as the resource for those in the golf course management industry.

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General rules

  • Please use the color reproduction of the logo whenever possible. The two preferred color configurations appear above.
  • The logo is required to appear with "Golf Industry Show". The logo mark should not appear without the "Golf Industry Show" identifier unless prior approval is given.
  • The logo should not be integrated into another graphical element or logo unless prior approval is given.
  • The logo may not be used in a block of text. It is not a replacement for typing the name Golf Industry Show when word-processing.
  • Typeface within the Golf Industry Show logo may not be altered.
  • Images or text should not be placed inside the mark unless prior approval is given.
  • Do not place the logo at an angle.


The Golf Industry Show logo consists of two colors: green and blue. To accurately reproduce the logo, please use the below guidelines.


Green: C38, M5, Y70, K0
Blue: C71, M53, Y36, K11


Green: 167,200,116
Blue: 86,106,128


Green: #A7C874
Blue: #566A80


Green: PMS-577 M
Blue: PMS-535 M

Drop shadow

The Golf Industry Show logo may be used with or without the drop shadow as design elements dictate.

Black and white treatment

If you must reproduce the logo in black and white, reproduce the mark in 100% black. For a solid black background, or a tint of black higher than 50% the entire logo should be dropped out to white.

Do not place the logo on backgrounds where the graphic symbol is not clearly visible.

Sizing, spacing and proportions

The Golf Industry Show logo may be resized to comply with space requirements; however, it must be kept in proper proportion. The logo may not appear smaller than 1" in length when using horizontal configurations and no smaller than 1" in height when using vertical configurations. An ideal length for the horizontal configuration is 1 1/2".

If you have questions regarding the use of the Golf Industry Show logo, please contact Eric Olson, director, marketing at 800-472-7878 ext. 4434.