Jose Angel Sanchez Alcala


José Ángel Sánchez Alcalá is the Golf Course Superintendent, Rio Real Golf, Malaga, Spain and an agronomist with the University of Almería. Currently working as Superintendent and Advisor of Superintendent, also known as Advisor for the Sustainable Use of Phytosanitary Products according to RD 1311/2012 (Spain) throughout different golf courses in the south of Spain such as Rio Real Golf, Aloha Golf Club, Miraflores Golf Club, Los Naranjos Golf, La Cala Golf, Cabopino Golf, La Quinta Golf, Las Americas Golf, Valle Romano Golf and La Cañada Golf Club. He´s also Associate Professor of Plant Nutrition in the Master in Management of Golf Course Maintenance at EADE University in Malaga since 2004.

In addition to his career in the field of maintenance of sports fields he has developed a research activity; the main lines being the development and use of technologies in the line of good practices from the environmental point of view, the improvement of efficiency of fertilizers and the study of biostimulants, phyto-fortifiers and elicitors of plant defence responses. He has also taught an in-language webinar for GCSAA.


Alternativas Prácticas para la Reducción de Plaguicidas en los Campos de golf

(Practical Alternatives for the Reduction Pesticides on Golf Courses)