J. Bryan Unruh, Ph.D.

unruh_BryanJ. Bryan Unruh, Ph.D., professor of Environmental Horticulture at the University of Florida - IFAS, West Florida Research and Education Center, holds a 70 percent extension and 30 percent teaching position. Unruh teaches courses in Turfgrass Culture, Landscape and Turfgrass Management, and Golf and Sports Turf Management. His responsibilities as an extension turfgrass specialist include managing a 24-acre turfgrass research/demonstration field laboratory, planning and implementing turfgrass educational field days, seminars, and regional conferences for the state of Florida and the upper gulf coast region.

Results from his research team’s work are included in all three Florida turf industry Best Management Practice (BMP) manuals. His research improves quality of life by providing aesthetically pleasing green space and safe places in which to recreate. His work demonstrates that these green spaces are sustainable and can coexist with nature without negative environmental impact.