Greg Lush


Greg Lush is the founder of Last Mile Worker Solutions, a transformation services consulting practice. Prior to starting his own practice, Lush spent his career working for public and private companies, most recently as VP Innovation, Mesa Energy, EMCOR. Over the last 38 years in the service industry, Lush has spent time in the field as a distributed controls technician; configured international service organizations; created and delivered pragmatic learning solutions; led change as a Chief Information Officer; and research and development to differentiate service organizations in their verticals. Evangelizing new technologies, data sciences, IIoT, and workforce science approaches are his passions.

One of Lush’s favorite teaching topics is modern pump stations, the perfect convergence of electrical, mechanical and controls systems. You may see his most recent contributions through social channels where he shares experiences and insights surrounding the evolving digital enterprise. Lush is considered an industry expert and speaks at trade shows and conferences worldwide.