Ellen Davis


Ellen Davis has been active in the golf and sports industry since graduating college in 1990 from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. There she earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and a minor in Business. Davis joined Faulks Bros Construction the same year she graduated. In her 30 years with the company, she has been instrumental in the growth and development of their SportZmix Division. SportZmix specializes in sand, aggregate and soil processing and has mobilized to 45 states in the US, as well as Mexico, Caribbean, Pacific Rim and United Arab Emirates.

Davis has served the Golf Course Builders Association of America since 1992 in various roles including Secretary, Rules and Resolutions Chair, Fundraising and Meetings Committee Chair and, most recently, Vice President. She also worked with the United States Golf Association Education and Recommendations committee assisting with revisions to the published guidelines. Her charitable contributions include the Sticks for Kids Foundation providing tools to support junior golf, Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation giving back to those that have served and the Toto Foundation promoting wellness through therapeutic nature of animals and people. Davis is nationally recognized as a sand and soilblending specifications expert in the golf industry. In the “man’s world” of sand & gravel production, men and women alike seek her expertise when they encounter challenges in producing the proper grades of sands and blends for their projects.