Scott A. Zakany, CGCS Retired

Zakany_ScottScott A. Zakany serves as CEO and President of Cypress Golf Course Services (CGCS), a division of Cypress Golf Management. Zakany has been involved in the Golf Course industry for over 40 years and has experience at over 300 golf facilities in three countries. Prior to his involvement with CGCS, Zakany was a co-founder of International Golf Maintenance in 1994. He has been a Certified Golf Course Superintendent, for over 40 years and has served on the industry Advisory Board at Lake City Community College’s School of Golf Course and Landscape Operations. He is a member of the Top Agronomic Officers Advisory Board that works in conjunction with the National Golf Course Owners Association and he also serves as the Agronomic Counsel for the Golf Course Business Consultants Group (CGBC).