Josh Weaver

Weaver_JoshJosh Weaver is an Agriculture Compliance Specialist with Clemson University Dept. of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). His primary responsibilities involve performing routine and misuse inspections on golf courses, lawn care operations, and farms in South Carolina. Weaver earned his associate’s degree in environmental horticulture, bachelors in environmental science and masters in plant and environmental science. He is a PhD graduate student in the department of Plant and Environmental Science at Clemson University, working under Bert McCarty, Ph.D.  

Weaver’s job experience includes having worked for two state agencies, (GA Dept. of Agriculture and Clemson DPR), regulating the use of pesticides. He goes by the motto “Regulation through Education” during the course of his site inspections. Weaver’s graduate research focuses on evaluating biostimulants and their effects on turfgrass, specifically thatch breakdown and rooting length. He is a GCSAA educator member and is often requested to speak at the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendent Conference and Trade Show in Myrtle Beach, and speaks at local chapter meetings in the upstate of South Carolina.