Trenching, Compaction & Safety - How to Protect Your Assets Below and Above Ground (1242-01)

January 28, 8 a.m.-Noon
Room: W307D – West Concourse
Half-Day Seminar: .35 edu pts Pricing: $140 member $210 non-member $70 student member

Let this seminar help you avoid pitfalls on do it yourself (DIY) projects on your golf course when it comes to trenching and compaction. This presentation provides the do’s and don’ts when it comes to completing a successful project, avoiding accidents or injuries, sunken ditches, settle and slumping fills etc. which all have potential to wreak havoc on your facility and budget.

Topics that will be covered, include:

  • Site analysis and decisions in performing the work in-house or by an outside contractor
  • OSHA Guidelines and emergency preparedness 
  • Pipe and soil interaction, soil types, and backfill material selection, testing, installation guidelines, flexible pipe vs. ridge pipe


Eric Gonzalez, P.E., Regional Engineer, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., Miami, Florida

Dr. Mike Hurdzan,
Golf Course Architect, Hurdzan Design, Columbus, Ohio


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