Life Hack: How to Evaluate Career Opportunities (1218-01)

January 28, 3:15-5 p.m.
Room: W312A – West Concourse
1-hour, 45-minute seminar: .20 edu pts Pricing: $85 member  $130 non-member $45 student member

If you were offered a new exciting job opportunity tomorrow, would you know whether to take it or not? Would it be a step up or equivalent to your job role? Attend this seminar to answer that question with confidence, after all the average individual will change jobs 3-5 times or more throughout their career.

Let’s talk about how to:

  • Adequately, realistically, and honestly evaluate a job offer
  • Identify how different job opportunities can affect your career as a superintendent


Tommy Witt, CGCS, Director of Golf Course Operations, Northmoor Country Club, GCSAA Past President, Highland Park, Ill.


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