Emotional Intelligence for the Turf Professional (1216-01)

January 27, 3:15-5 p.m.
Room: W307B – West Concourse
1-hour, 45-minute seminar: .20 edu pts Pricing: $85 member  $130 non-member $45 student member

What is the most important person, place, or thing that effects your daily life and work? Drum roll please… it’s your Emotional Intelligence! If your answer was anything different, you may want to register for this seminar. This seminar will provide an overview of how you can effectively identify and manage your emotions as they are happening, as well as understand the impact of those emotions on others and vice versa. Attendees will learn skills to increase their emotional intelligence and build solid, positive and professional relationships geared for success!

This seminar will focus on:

  • Identifying and use of emotions (positive and negative) in real time
  • Skills for self-management and deescalating heightened states of emotions in all situations
  • Tips for how to build and maintain professional, diverse, and productive relationships


Darrin Batisky, Area Sales Manager, Bayer, Research Triangle Park, N.C.


New EducationEmotional Health Track