Cultivating Passion Is as Important as Cultivating Healthy Turf!  (1211-01)

January 27, 10:15 a.m.-Noon
Room: W308A – West Concourse
1-hour, 45-minute seminar: .20 edu pts Pricing: $85 member  $130 non-member $45 student member

The proof is in the pudding, there is a clear relationship between upskilling staff and cultivating a passion in them for what they do everyday at your facility. Superintendents participating in this seminar will see the connection between upskilling staff, motivating, cultivating passion in them and the rewards that will follow on the golf course.

Participants will learn to recognize strategies to upskill their staff even when the budget doesn’t necessarily allow for formal training programs and walk away with skills to obtain results that include:

  • Motivated and enhanced skilled staff
  • Better-quality staff/facility performance and productivity 
  • Healthier working environment and staff retention


Kelly Sauerman, Skills Development and Training Facilitator, The Turfgrass Academy of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa


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