Tactics for Successful Sodium Management in Turfgrass Soils (1210-01)

January 27, 10:15 a.m.-Noon
Room: W307B – West Concourse
1-hour, 45-minute seminar: .20 edu pts Pricing: $85 member  $130 non-member $45 student member

Giving superintendents the tools they need to understand and learn the ins and outs of sodium management in any turfgrass region is the goal of this seminar. This presentation will also offer solutions and methods to aid in establishing long term sustainability in soil management at attendees’ golf course facilities.

Participants will develop a better understanding of how to:

  • Diagnose sodium issues; properly test and interpret soil and tissue results. 
  • Identify the right product and solutions to combat sodium issues
  • Implement a long-term sustainable program for sodium management on a golf course


Paul Cushing, Owner – Agronomist, Paul Cushing Agronomic Turfgrass Services, San Diego, Calif.


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