Optimizing Pesticide Applications with Appropriate Management Strategies on the Golf Course (1159-01)

January 27, 8 a.m.-Noon
Room: W304D – West Concourse
Half-Day Seminar: .35 edu pts Pricing: $140 member $210 non-member $70 student member

Pesticides are one component of comprehensive pest management programs, and it is imperative for land managers to understand how to optimize pesticides without adversely affecting human or environmental health. Participants will learn how to increase pest control while minimizing off-target movement and injury by developing an understanding how biological and chemical attributes of pesticides and how they behave after application.  

Participants will develop a better understanding of:

  • Factors that affect pesticide efficacy fate, and behavior on the golf course
  • Specific cases that will be discussed involving off-target herbicide injury as well as the desired turf causes of injury 
  • How to plan management practices that best fit the needs to minimize off-target pesticide movement and injury on the course
  • Reduce pesticide inputs thereby increasing fiscal savings and reducing environmental footprint of the golf course


Travis Gannon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University 


Environmental Management