Gadgets and Gizmos – How to Best Use Measurement Technology  

Attendees of this seminar will examine several soil, plant and environmental measurement devices that may be used to monitor, diagnose, and communicate turfgrass health issues. Devices covered include those used to evaluate: soil moisture, light (photosynthetic), ball roll distance and trueness, surface firmness, surface temperature, and others.

Using drones to evaluate turf will also be covered.

  • Diagnostic capabilities of specific turf management problems
  • Underlying technology
  • Shortcomings
  • Cost

See actual demonstrations on a local area golf course where this seminar will take place. Transportation to and from the course will be provided. Lunch will also be provided. Check in will start at 7:45 a.m. in room 24C. Attendees will depart from and return to the convention center. Please be on time. Buses will depart from the Convention Center at 8:10 a.m.

Course # 541-01

Tuesday, Feb. 5
8AM - 5PM
Learning Tour
Room 24C

Full-day seminars

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$185 GCSAA member
$95 student member 
$280 nonmember