Communication Skills To Get You To the Top and Keep You There!

You can position yourself for success and get where you want to be professionally all with how you communicate.  Hard work pays off, but it can also go unnoticed when there is a lack of communication. Attend this seminar and guarantee your hard work never goes unnoticed by becoming an excellent communicator during presentations, meetings, interviews, and one-on-one conversations with your peers and superiors. This seminar is beneficial not only to Assistant Superintendents, but all golf course employees who are looking to advance in their career. 

Participants who attend this seminar will walk away with a communication “game plan” to continue to enhance communications skills and understand how to:

  • Be confident and comfortable in pressure situations
  • Convert nervousness into positive energy
  • Speak confidently and clearly while presenting information to audiences of all sizes
  • Project positive body language and tone of voice in all situations 

Course # 227-01

Monday, Feb. 4
Room 1A

Half-day seminars

0.35 Pts
$135 GCSAA member 
$70 student member 
$205 nonmember