Better Thoughts for Better Living

What you think is what you feel…just think about it! The constant running commentary in our minds (also known as the cognitive narrative) is what forms our perception of the world and our experiences in it. Errors in thinking can lead to over-reacting, negative feelings, and overall unhappiness.  Attend this seminar to learn ten strategies that can help eliminate those errors and cultivate a more rational framework to help navigate both professional and personal relationships. 

Participants will develop the skills needed to:

  • Identify the relationship between thoughts and feelings 
  • Implement healthier cognitive habits for a healthier life
  • Apply the “Rules of Better Living” to improve professional and personal relationships 

Course # 1152-01

Tuesday, Feb. 5
8AM - 10AM
Room 9

Two-hour seminars

0.2 Pts
$85 GCSAA member 
$45 student member 
$130 nonmember