Managing Stress and Avoiding Burnout 

You chose your career because you have a passion for the golf industry.  The multitude of stressors in your professional life can rob you of this passion. It is difficult to meet the expectations of your greens committees, owners, customers, and even yourself; the uncertainties of Mother Nature create stress; budgetary and labor limitations are problematic; long and uncertain hours at work make balancing family demands nearly impossible at times.  This seminar will address techniques to assist you in managing stress in order to avoid burnout. Don’t let stress interfere with your ability to have a long and satisfying career.

 Attendees will learn, how to:

  • Identify the signs of stress and burnout in the beginning stages
  • Develop tools for strategies to manage stress in order to avoid getting to the point of burnout
  • Create an action plan to avoid burnout 
  • Apply skills and tools to address stressors negatively impacting job performance and overall job satisfaction

Course # 1149-01

Monday, Feb. 4
3PM - 5PM
Room 9

Two-hour seminars

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$85 GCSAA member 
$45 student member 
$130 nonmember