“In-House” Drainage 

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Not all golf courses have the budget to hire contractors for drainage projects. This seminar will be a practical course on how to plan and install drainage projects with “in-house” staff.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Which components of a drainage project can be done “in-house” and which are better left to a specialized contractor
  • Identifying the nature of the drainage problem(s) and selecting the appropriate drainage solution(s)
  • Review design principles for fairway drainage and bunker drainage 
  • Planning of drainage projects
  • Identifying an outlet for the drainage system and planning for any required improvements (ditch deepening, pond water level lowering, connection to an existing drain, etc.)
  • Tips and tricks for installing drains

Course # 1083-01

Tuesday, Feb. 5
1PM - 5PM
Room 28AB

Half-day seminars

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