Negotiating Strategies for Superintendents – Getting to Yes 

Advancing in your career requires more than a mastery of turf. Today’s superintendent must be a well-rounded business professional in all aspects. This seminar will aid the superintendent in developing the skills they need to be effective and successful in every facet of their work. In this seminar, attendees will learn the foundations of successful negotiating. The course will also provide suggestions and ideas that will place the Superintendent in a position of strength for their annual review.

Topics discussed will include:

  • How to approach your annual review with confidence 
  • How to present materials and facts that demonstrate your value, your performance level and your contribution to the facility
  • How to successfully negotiate with anyone (employers, staff, vendors, etc.) for the benefit of your employers, the entire facility and owners

Course # 1082-01

Tuesday, Feb. 5
1PM - 5PM
Room 25B

Half-day seminars

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$135 GCSAA member 
$70 student member 
$205 nonmember