Verdure Live: TWO Years of Research into ONE Practical Takeaway    

A live version of Golf Course Management’s monthly column “Verdure,” we will distill published research into a quick set of facts

Turfgrass faculty at universities have many different jobs, one of which is writing turfgrass research up into lengthy and highly technical research papers. Published in scientific journals, these types of papers don’t tend to make for casual nighttime reading. What those papers do, however, is provide trickle-down science that you can apply to you golf course. Whether it be shade stress or collar wear the result you are using probably came from that detailed multi-year research study.  Join us for an hour of quickly condensed information, where some of our top publishing research scientists present one to three of their research slides with facts and figures you can use – from herbicide resistance to drones. We’ll cover four types of research findings with Drs. McCurdy, Richardson, McCall and Kreuser in one fast hour.


Monday, Feb. 4
1PM - 2PM
Room 5AB


Elizabeth Guertal, Ph.D. 
Professor of Turfgrass Management and Soil Fertility, Auburn University