Turf Solutions I: Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

January 27, 8-10 a.m.
Room: N320CD – North Concourse

Turf Solutions sessions are designed to provoke your curiosity and provide you with more techniques that you can implement at your facility. This group of experts will take your questions and discuss the answers to a variety of agronomic challenges. From fairway renovation, curative disease control, to evaluation of bio stimulants, don’t miss out on cutting-edge solutions from the experts!


Jason Kruse, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Plant Science, University of Florida 


Right Tree, Right Place

James Nagle, Golf Course Designer, Forse Design Inc., Hopwood, Pa. 

Get Bent! The ins and Outs of Fairway Renovation

John Hoyle, CGCS, Golf Course Superintendent, Corning Country Club, Corning, N.Y. 

Evaluation of Bio stimulants and Cultural Practices and the Effect They Have on Thatch Reduction and Rooting Mass of Turf

Josh Weaver, Agriculture Compliance Specialist, Clemson University

Curative Disease Control: Is it ever an option?

Kenneth Cropper, Ph.D., Turfgrass Research Coordinator, University of Kentucky


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