The Art of Meeting and Mingling: Networking Strategies that Work!    

In 2016 Linked-In found networking surpassed directly applying for a job by 3 to 1. 85% of critical jobs are filled through networking. Do you know the secret steps of working a room? Is the way you interact with others immediately undermining you -- and you don't even know it? Are you sabotaging your success because you don't know how to strategically enter and exit conversation? The Art of Meeting & Mingling: Networking Strategies that Work! is perfect for those who want to progress their success. This program will share key strategies for making small talk so that people listen, creating a memorable first impression so that people want to know you, increasing awareness on how to navigate food, drink, and conversation as well as many more essential elements of communicating competence and credibility when meeting others.


Tuesday, Feb. 5
1PM - 3PM
Room 6D

Book Signing!

Tuesday, Feb. 5
3:30PM - 4PM
Lobby D next to the GCSAA bookstore