New Trends in Putting Green Aeration and Topdressing

January 29, 11 a.m.-Noon
GCSAA Stage: Booth #3235 – South Concourse

Aeration and topdressing are essential cultural practices for maintaining healthy turf and producing high-quality putting surfaces. In recent years, new university research and equipment advancements have allowed superintendents to implement novel methods for aeration and topdressing that are effective at managing organic matter and less disruptive to playing conditions. This panel will discuss the emerging trends in aeration and topdressing programs and compare them with traditional programs. Key areas of focus include core aeration vs. solid-tine aeration, aeration frequency and timing, sand- and air-injection equipment, and topdressing sand selection for routine applications. 

The Green Section Award will be presented immediately following the panel discussion.


Nelson J. Caron Director of Golf and Grounds Maintenance, The Ford Plantation Golf Club, Savannah, Ga.


Paul Jacobs, Agronomist, USGA, Northeast Region

Addison Barden, Agronomist, USGA, Southeast Region

John Daniels, Agronomist, USGA, Central Region

Zach Nicoludis, Agronomist, USGA, Central Region


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