Lightning Round Learning!

January 28,  1:30-3 p.m.
Main Stage – North Concourse

GCSAA presents a series of brief, fast-paced and entertaining talks. Presenters will have only 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds, totaling five minutes for each presenter. It’s a series of talks that will excite you, inspire you, maybe even shock you – you will not be bored.


Frank Wong, Ph.D., Senate Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Bayer, Research Triangle Park, N.C. 


Inside the Ropes of a USGA major event

Eric Duncanson 

Microdochium nivale infection… the full picture!

John Dempsey, Ph.D. 

The Most Important Piece of Gear in the Shop

Paul MacCormack

Where Did Our Pond Go?

Greg Brandriet, CGCS

What Is the Deal with Calcium?

Nick Christians, Ph.D. 

See our Land, Tell our Stories!

Delphine Tseng

Let it Burn

Matt Gourlay, CGCS, MG

Using Geotubes to Stabilize Eroding Lake Banks

Kevin Sunderman, CGCS

Suicide Talk- A Conversation to Create Awareness

Lori Hoffner   

What happens when you don’t ________?

Frank Rossi, Ph.D. 

Finding success with a positive attitude and a goofy smile 

Frank Wong, Ph.D.

Recruiting, Training, and Retaining a New Generation of Turf Managers

Jay McCurdy, Ph.D.

Delegating…it's easier if I do it

Jodie Cunningham 


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