Golf Course Irrigation Water Quality    

Presented by the American Society of Irrigation Consultants and the Irrigation Association

During your management of your golf irrigation system water quality is a main contributor of the deterioration of your irrigation components. What do you need to know to manage your irrigation water quality and it may be different than your water availability? Issues that we will discuss will include – lake water management (toxic algae), environmental impact, aeration impact, inlet filtration, stream/ well water impact and discharge filtration. What can you do in an emergency water quality concerns and examples of corrections of golf irrigation water quality problems.
This session will present information on the options available for golf course irrigation water quality problems with an emphasis on how to solve these issues. Attendees should gain knowledge that will help them decide on an irrigation water management program.  


Tuesday, Feb. 5
3:30PM - 5PM
Room 6E


Bob Scott
President, Irrigation Consultant Services Inc., Madison, Ga.