Daniel O'Brien


Daniel O’Brien is a research technician and graduate student in the department of horticulture at the University of Arkansas, working under Douglas Karcher, Ph.D. He earned his B.S. from Auburn University in 2005 and worked in the sports turf industry in Maryland and Alabama before joining the Arkansas turfgrass program in 2013.

As a research technician his primary responsibilities involve overseeing day-to-day operations for Karcher’s research program, which has a strong emphasis on sand-based putting greens. In addition to plot maintenance, treatment applications, and data collection, he provides support for graduate student research projects, as well as teaching assistance for undergraduate turfgrass courses. His own graduate research focuses on technologies for evaluating putting green surface characteristics, specifically moisture, firmness, and color. As a GCSAA educator member, O’Brien has assisted with past GIS Gadgets & Gizmos presentations.